OMAX - Waterjet Cutting Technology Leader


OMAX is the global leader in abrasive waterjet systems. Each JetMachining; system is powered by the company's innovative control software, bringing affordable abrasivejet technology to a diverse group of industries.With 20 years of developing OMAX waterjet machines, we are the only fully integrated abrasive waterjet company that designs and produces its own machine controller, software, pump, and tables.

Featured Product: OMAX Intelli-CAM Software
Intelli-CAM is a highly advanced computer-aided manufacturing (CAM) software tool that can generate 2D and 3D tool paths from 3D models. Simply import a 3D file in one of the many supported file types and the 3D object appears in an interactive window. Generating a 2D profile from any face or slice is just a click away. 3D pathing is just as easy, with the AutoPath function creating the tool path and applying the required attributes for 3D cutting before exporting straight to Intelli-MAX® MAKE.


DualBRIDGE Waterjet Systems

OMAX recently released its new DualBRIDGE System option for large-table OMAX JetMachining Centers and the entry-level MAXIEM®; product line. The DualBRIDGE System prvides a second Y-bridge on the machine to boost efficiency and flexiblility with abrasive waterjet cutting. An operator can program the independent cutting heads to produce separate parts or work in tandem to cut one large part, significantly increasing the machine capacity.


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